Drug Detox – Suboxone


It is possible to get on the path to recovery and there are many different treatment options.

Here are some of the types of treatment available:

In a clinic with methadone—methadone is medication-assisted treatment used to block the euphoria or "high" associated with other opioids
Counseling—addresses the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction
In-patient treatment programs—highly structured programs in hospitals and residential treatment centers that offer around-the-clock support
Twelve step programs—based on a set of guiding principles that outline a course of action to work towards recovery from addiction
In-office medication-assisted treatment—prescription medications are used to help suppress withdrawal symptoms and decrease cravings, along with counseling and other support
One type of medication-assisted treatment is SUBOXONE Film, with counseling and psychosocial support. Together with a doctor who is qualified to treat opioid dependence, SUBOXONE Film may help you—or someone you care about manage opioid dependence.

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