Ibogaine and your personal recovery journey

Many individuals such as yourself have gone from website to website to obtain knowledge about the powerful psychoactive substance Ibogaine and its healing properties. If you are like most such pilgrims, you are interested in knowing what is ibogaine and how Ibogaine can be used to combat drug addiction, alcohol addiction and other physical and mental ailments.

Perhaps you’ve been guided here by a friend or loved one; perhaps you’ve reached such a state of hopelessness and despair in mind, body, and spirit that you are left with no choice but to take the next step to freedom. Either way, you have found what you seek: Ibogaine is the guide to self-discovery and true healing that you have searched for so many years.

What We Treat

Even though our Ibogaine clinic treats a variety of different ailments, from PTSD to depression, the most common use for Ibogaine detox is to eliminate opiate addiction immediately, while avoiding the awful withdrawal symptoms. But while Ibogaine’s effectiveness in dealing with opiates is absolutely remarkable, it is not the only substance that Ibogaine can combat.

Ibogaine is an incredibly potent treatment for many substance abuse addictions, including alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, and synthetic opiates such as methadone, Subutex or Suboxone (to name a few). If you are struggling with an addiction to any of these, we can help you, too. The holistic properties of Ibogaine can heal you, shattering the grip of these terrible substances on your mind, body, and soul.

Ibogaine – The Cure for Modern Society

Excessive intake of drugs and alcohol are what help to facilitate much that is abhorrent in our society today: family disintegration, amplified crime rates, murders, overflowing prisons, and copious amounts of human suffering are all to some degree caused by these inherently addictive and mind altering molecules.

Despite great advances in our knowledge of biochemistry, regrettably few synthesized pharmaceuticals have proven themselves to be truly effective in the treatment of addiction. The world of addiction medicine is in desperate need of a true anti-addictive molecule, and many prominent neuroscience researchers, psychiatrists, and addiction medicine specialists (not to mention myself) contend that Ibogaine is that molecule. We contend that Ibogaine can help liberate addicts from the clutches of their drug and alcohol addictions and restore peace and freedom to their lives.

Ibogaine Can Help You, Too

There is so much more to learn about Ibogaine and its life giving properties. Over the years at our facility, we have seen firsthand how this powerful natural substance has saved life after life.

Let us save you, too: from chaos, despair, and addiction. Let us help you take your life back. Call us at 800-NEW-HEALTH with any questions you have about Ibogaine treatment.

You have found what you have been seeking; now, before your addiction takes control, is the moment of action. We’ll talk to you soon.

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