Simple Trauma


  • Auto accident
  • Workman’s Comp.
  • Eye tray to assess foreign objects
  • Toenail removals
  • Simple fractures, splinting and casting

Splinting is the preferred method of fracture immobilization in the acute care setting. Casting is the mainstay of treatment for most fractures. Plaster should be used for most routine splinting applications. However, when weight or bulk of the cast or the time to bearing weight is important, a synthetic material chosen principally on the basis of cost is indicated.

Conditions that benefit from immobilization include:

  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Severe soft-tissue injuries
  • Reduced joint dislocations

Inflammatory conditions:

  • Arthritis, tendinopathy, tenosynovitis
  • Deep laceration repairs across joints
  • Tendon lacerations

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