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HEALTH ALERT: Click for Important Coronavirus Update

HEALTH ALERT: Tap for Important Coronavirus Update


We are now offering a Telemedicine option for our community during this Pandemic and time of increased health concerns. Through our telemedicine platform, several of our providers—Dr. Garrison MD, Tiffany Tanner PA-C, Deb Rice FNP, Sarah Robertson FNP, and Jen Wheaton FNP—will be able to follow up with you regarding ongoing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, and more, as well as manage more urgent care type issues such as new illnesses and injuries.

We are also willing and able to have a telemedicine visit with you to address any concerns regarding possible COVID19.

We are also able to order lab tests and prescription medications as necessary.

Please complete the consent form and “ABN” (if necessary), then visit our virtual clinic!

Select the provider you would like to see from the drop down menu, enter your first and last name to “check in” to the virtual clinic waiting room, and your provider will be with you as soon as possible.

Please enjoy the information and videos in the virtual waiting room.

“Terms of Service for Telemedicine Visit”